Optimal Audio is a British brand who have developed a streamlined range of products from the ground up that provide audio system solutions for commercial venues. Their range of products have been cleverly developed to deliver high end audio which is versatile and simple for the user to operate. 

Commercial systems often seem very complicated with various audio sources and multiple zones, not to mention a huge variety of speakers and amplifiers from many different manufacturers. Optimal Audio have addressed all of these complications by offering a range of speakers that meet the needs of venues along with zone controllers and amplifiers which are perfectly matched for the job. Each of your rooms can be controlled by intuitive ZonePads which anyone can learn to use in seconds. Despite being simple to use each system can be tailored to your specific venue with the configuration available in the WebApp. Advanced settings such as time of day, volume limiting, routing, ducking and more can be programmed into the system. And because of the powerful DSP and processing built into the controllers you can also be sure you'll have excellent audio quality day and night.

For more information, advice or help with a new audio system please call us on 01483 502121 or email sales@guildfordsl.com.

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