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Bury Court Barn - A unique venue for special events.

Having worked with Bury Court Barn in the past they recently contacted us to help them improve their offerings.

The Barn at Bury Court is a popular wedding venue just outside Farnham. Guildford Sound and Light have had a long relationship with the venue and take care of their sound and lighting requirements. We were once again called in as they wanted to add another string to their wedding bow. A simple outdoor PA to project speech from the bride and groom to their guests. The speaker of choice was the fantastic Martin Audio CDD8 -WR. A weatherised version of the CDD8. Due to the excellent dispersion characteristics only a single speaker was required. The single Audio Technica ES933H microphone captures speach with precision.

Kit list

1 Martin Audio CDD-8WR Outdoor Speaker

1 Wall Bracket for above (weatherised)

1 RCF UP2321 Amplifier

1 Audio Technica ES933H Hanging Mic


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