Every Deck, CDJ, Turntable or Media Player gives you the controls you need to be able to select the right song and synchronise it with another track to create the perfect mix. All modern digital decks also feature Hot Cues and Loops giving the DJ the ability to instantly rearrange the song and remix it on the fly. It is also becoming increasingly common that the latest Decks also have Key Adjust providing independent control over tempo and musical pitch which greatly enhances your ability to perform musically harmonious mixes. In the right hands these technologies can be used to devastating effect.

Whether it be a turntable for vinyl, CDJ for optical disc or a modern Media Player for USB and SD Cards, our selection of DJ Decks are sure to offer you the perfect interface for your chosen medium. 

Spin it like they did back in the day or Stream it from your favourite playlist. Your music, your choice.

Pioneer DJ PLX1000 Pair

PLX-1000 Pair

The Pioneer PLX-1000 is precision engineered for the booth, drawing on 50 years experience of making high-end turntables. This high-torque direct driv...
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